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Stock Dividend

Yes it is. It is listed on the Saudi Stock Exchange (Tadawul).

You can obtain information of the shares prices from (current and previous) year by visiting our website at this link….. or through the website of the (Tadawul) by this link ……………………..

The stock symbol of Spimaco Addwaeih in (trading) is "2070".

On an annual basis. The dividends are distributed through the Al Rajhi Bank (to the certificate owners), converting directly to an account (of the owners of the stock portfolios).

By using the Saudi Stock Market trading website

It should be through agency by writing a letter to ministry of justice for the transfer of ownership of shares traded at the Saudi financial market.

You must bring a copy of the death’s certificate showing members of his heirs. In addition, the agency through all the heir members to transfer the shares must be deposited & saved to portfolio through final review of financial market trading by receiving a receipt of profits at the Al Rajhi Bank.

/ In the event of an error in the name, you must contact the company’s Shares Department to process the division of shares and also to process & deposit certificates found to be corrected and it should be reviewed by the -Saudi Tadawul market.

The process of both stock splits only changes in the number of shares that you own, but do not change the stocks share you have in your profits.

Regarding the future stock Profits it should be distributed through the discretion of the Board of Directors agreement. In general way, (Spimaco Addwaieh) continues to pay Profits of its shareholders continuously.

For further information about profits distributors shares you can check the details table profits just click the following link